Single Tooth Implants


Fractured Tooth – Case 1

Fractured tooth

Patient presented with fractured tooth as can be seen in red circle.

Implant inserted

Tooth is extracted and implant inserted.

Abutment joined to implant

Abutment is joined to implant and a impression/ mould is taken.

Implant crown

Crown is attached to implant

Implant crown

Implant and crown now placed photo showing a perfect match.

Lower Molar Tooth Missing – Case 2


Lower molar tooth missing

Patient presented with lower molar tooth missing.

Implant placed

Appropiate Implant placed.

Crown placed on implant

Crown placed on implant to fill space.

Space before crown fitted

Photo showing abutment and space before crown fitted.

Final result

Final result natural looking crown to fill space.

Fractured Tooth – Case 3

Fractured tooth

Patient presented with Fractured tooth as circled in xray above.

Implant placed

Tooth was extracted and due to good quality bone and no infection implant was able to be placed on same day.

Abutment placed on implant

Abutment is placed on implant in preparation for mould and crown to be made

Sinus Lift Procedure – Case 4

Sinus membrane lifted

Patient presented with minimal bone for implant to fit. So sinus membrane has been lifted 3-4mm to allow implant placement.

Implant inserted showing sinus lift

Implant inserted showing sinus lift.

2 teeth/crowns placed on implant

2 teeth/crowns placed on one implant keeping cost down for patient.

Periodontal Disease with Bone Loss – Case 5

Gum disease and infection of lower front teeth

Patient presented with severe gum disease and infection of the lower 2 front teeth.

Single implant inserted

Teeth were extracted and infection cleaned up. A single implant was inserted to hold 2 teeth to fill space.

2 teeth placed on single implant

A double crown with 2 teeth was placed on implant and patient was put on a maintence program to save rest of lower teeth from gum disease

Tooth with Fractured Root – Case 6

Fractured root

Patient presented with fractured root

Implant placed same day

implant was placed after extracting tooth on the same day

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